Vibrent Health reimagines health research with $39 million award from NIH to continue as digital health platform-of-choice powering All of Us research program - Vibrent
Press Release | September 02, 2020

Vibrent Health reimagines health research with $39 million award from NIH to continue as digital health platform-of-choice powering All of Us research program

Vibrent’s Digital Health Solutions Platform marks next-generation approach to accelerating health research and outcomes; groundbreaking precision medicine initiative leverages company’s data-first toolkit trusted by researchers to maximize the impact of scientific and technological innovation at scale

FAIRFAX, Va., September 2, 2020 — Vibrent Health, a health technology company powering the future of precision medicine research, today announced that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded the company a new funding award to continue as the Participant Technology Systems Center (PTSC) of the All of Us Research Program. With the award, Vibrent Health will continue to provide the digital health platform that is the participant technology backbone of NIH’s All of Us Research Program, paving the way for the next phase of the flagship, longitudinal health research initiative. Initial funding for the first year of the award is $39 million. The project is expected to be five years.

“Achieving this award marks another important milestone for our company as we continue unlocking the power of personal health data,” said Praduman Jain, Founder and CEO, Vibrent Health. “We are honored to work alongside NIH to build a best-in-class technology center and transform how digital health solutions can be used to bring innovation to global health research.”

The PTSC will utilize Vibrent Health’s participant-facing digital health solutions platform as well as a participant management toolkit which includes integrated analytics for study management. The platform will serve as the portal for participants and will support more than 100 program partners nationwide.

All of Us is one of history’s largest longitudinal research programs, with an aim of partnering with one million or more people living in the United States diverse in age, race and ethnicity, health status, educational attainment, income, digital literacy and access to gather information. The program is a partnership between NIH and a national network of academic institutions, health care organizations, community partners, and others.

The mission of All of Us is to accelerate health and medical breakthroughs, enabling more personalized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us. The program is building an infrastructure for large-scale data collection from multiple domains and data sources, including genomics, environment, lifestyle, behaviors and electronic health records. One of its core values is its ability to return health information and value back to the participants, such as ancestry, traits and other genomics engagement approaches. The program, which began national enrollment in 2018, will last at least 10 years.

All of Us is designed to reflect the rich diversity of the United States and give historically underrepresented groups the opportunity to contribute to – and benefit from – a wide range of research studies that will further our understanding of health and disease,” said Josh Denny, M.D., CEO of All of Us. “As an All of Us technology partner, the PTSC provides the infrastructure to help people enroll, contribute information securely and stay connected with the program over time. This provides the foundation for critical discoveries that may help improve health in the future.”

More than 356,000 All of Us participants have enrolled on Vibrent Health’s platform, including more than 270,000 core participants who have completed all of the initial steps of the program. Of those core participants, 80 percent come from populations that are historically underrepresented in biomedical research and 50 percent are racially and ethnically diverse.

With this new award, Vibrent Health has partnered with several academic and industry organizations that will contribute machine learning, technology innovation, research expertise and emerging cybersecurity approaches to the implementation of the digital health technology platform for All of Us. Partners include Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire; University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia; ICF, Fairfax, Virginia; Eureka, San Francisco, California; University of California, San Francisco, California; and HackerOne, San Francisco, California.

Vibrent Health brings efficiencies to the full lifecycle of research with one platform for broad data collection, from surveys, wearables and app development to participant outreach, recruitment, enrollment and eConsent. Specifically, the company applies sophisticated, data-driven digital marketing and communications strategies designed to deliver personalized, tailored messaging to help organizations both find and retain participants, including from diverse and hard-to-reach populations. The Vibrent Digital Health Solutions Platform ensures researchers from clinical, public health and life sciences settings can accelerate their projects with faster recruitment, more efficient protocols and the latest in behavioral technology to achieve outcomes in a digital-first world with a cyber secure cloud infrastructure, including FISMA and FedRAMP.

“We are setting the standard for collaboration between industry and academia to achieve excellence in science, research and digital health,” continued Jain. “Our successes, combined with our second PTSC award from the NIH, have led us to fulfill our vision of a more personalized, inclusive and transformative platform that can unlock the full potential of health data in ways that stand to change the course of human health.”

About Vibrent Health

Vibrent Health’s mission is to accelerate health research to optimize human health through precision technology and digital tools that empower participant engagement, research analytics and research management for researchers, research organizations and research participants.Through its Digital Health Solutions Platform, the company provides a large-scale versatile global platform for health research. The platform provides an infrastructure for data collection from broad sources including genomics, environment, lifestyle, behaviors and electronic health records. Since 2017 Vibrent Health has served as the Participant Technology Systems Center for the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program, which aims to collect health data from one million or more people to support a wide variety of research studies. To learn more, visit



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