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A single platform to recruit and retain participants and deploy sophisticated data collection, harmonization and analytics to accelerate your research.

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Key use cases that power your clinical research

Vibrent seamlessly weaves participant-focused technologies into the entire life cycle of clinical research. Accelerate recruitment, retention and engagement of diverse populations and harmonize novel data collected - genotype, phenotype, medical and environmental context.

Outreach and Awareness

Expand your reach with digital marketing tools that are purpose-built for clinical research. Expand diversity, equity, and inclusion, and reach the right people.

  • Qualitative needs assessment

    Work with our user research team to understand the needs of the community, especially those under-represented in research (UBR).

  • Community events

    Virtual or in-person digital marketing event tools to help you spread the word.

  • Custom website with analytics and dashboards

    Motivate people to participate in your research with the right messaging and a clear call-to-action that feeds prospect information directly into the precision recruitment module.

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Precision recruitment tools to help you meet your accrual targets. Digital marketing dashboards and analytics provide insights and intelligence.

  • Contact list import

    Expand your recruitment targets by quickly importing a CSV list of contact information.

  • Automated recruitment campaigns

    Easily set up custom digital marketing campaigns with rules and templates to recruit via email, SMS, postcard or phone call. Responses directly flow in to the tool for follow ups.

  • Run A/B recruitment tests

    Take a scientific approach to your messaging by comparing the performance of different templates, wording, images and communications channels.

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Turn prospects into participants. Outreach and recruitment tools lead people directly to web and mobile participant apps to quickly enroll in your study, trial or registry.

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Electronic informed consent

Our experts turn your paper-based consent into a virtual, interactive experience that informs your participants of the value of participating in research, accommodates multiple learning styles, and makes version control and documentation easy at a fifth grade reading level and compatibility with 508 and accessibility requirements of your research.

  • Scientifically validated

    Our approaches are informed by mixed-methods qualitative user research conducted for the NIH’s All of Us Research Program.

  • Interactive, media-rich

    Animated videos, graphics, iconography, knowledge check and decision support tools– all available for your custom enrollment environment.

  • Works for everyone

    English and Spanish, 508 compliant, 5th-8th grade reading level, computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI).

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Longitudinal data collection

Gain a 360° understanding of the complex interrelationships between the many different factors that impact people’s health over long periods of time.

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Understand the complex inner working of the human body by remotely collecting bio-samples (blood, or saliva, tissue and others) with at-home, hybrid or in-person collection kits

  • Genomics / multi-omics

    When combined with phenotype and environmental data, genomics/multi-omics data vastly enhances and accelerates biomedical research, personalized medicine and drug development.

  • Microbiome

    Your microbiome in the gut, skin, mouth and vagina influence chronic diseases, the immune system and overall health and changes over time in response to age, diet, medication, and even diseases like cancer.

  • Diagnostics

    Get a better understanding of someone’s overall biological health or specific condition with remote at-home contactless bio-sample collection methods.

  • COVID testing

    Rapid antigen testing or PCR testing with at-home test kits delivered to specific people depending on artificial intelligence enabled screening algorithms and contact tracing methods and workflows.

Phenotype / Real World

Understand their health in the real world. Gain a deep understanding of peoples’ symptoms, family history, socio-demographics, mental health, physical health, ethnicity, behaviors, lifestyle and other important aspects of their daily life across long periods of time.

  • Wearables

    Low-burden, objective data generates novel datasets that yield a more robust understanding of individual patterns over time.

  • Behavioral Sensing

    Ultra-low-burden, objective data passively collected from mobile devices with the consent of participants provide valuable contextual data.

  • Surveys / EMAs

    Digital surveys and in-the-moment ecological momentary assessments provide a foundational understanding of the participant.

  • Remote Monitoring and Virtual Clinical Exam

    Get a robust picture of a person’s health in their daily life with objective biometric data about heart, lungs, metabolism and body temperature through connected medical devices such as blood pressure cuffs, pulse-oximeters, ECG devices, weight scales, thermometers and others.


Structured clinical data and patient reported data gives you a broad picture of a person’s health as represented in their health care encounters.

  • EHRs

    Data from electronic health records provide opportunities to enhance patient care, embed performance measures into clinical practice, and facilitate clinical research.

  • Claims

    Help connect the dots between disease, clinical care, medication therapy, and health care utilization with patient claims data (Blue Button).

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Gain an understanding of how a patient perceives the value of their care and the overall clinical user experience.

  • Access to Care

    Accelerate your disparities research with data about how different patients from different backgrounds and geographics gain access to clinical care.


Gain a richer understanding of human health with a view into exposures and interactions with environment.

  • Device Sensing

    Connected environmental sensing devices generate objective datasets about a person’s proximal environment.

  • SDoH Surveys

    One-time or periodic electronic surveys provide a longitudinal record of the social determinants of health for a person.

  • Public Health Data

    Gain a more robust picture of a person’s health by correlated individual health data with public health data.

  • Other Databases

    Custom data integrations from public data sources such as NIAID, CDC, others.

Retention and engagement

You can’t afford to lose your participants after enrollment. We make it easy to stay in touch with your participants over time. We make it easy for participants to stay engaged. Over the long term, our tools ensure you meet your retention targets.

  • Tailored automated communications campaigns

    Create email and SMS messaging as well as send postcards by mail for specific groups based on custom demographics, milestones, contact preferences, and goals.

  • Scheduling

    Our integrated scheduling system can be used by staff and participants alike, supporting in-person or remote visits with customized participant reminders.

  • Cross the digital divide

    Computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), multi-channel communications (SMS, email, app notifications, postal mail, phone and video chat) that meet the needs of diverse communities to lower the burden and increase the ease and joy of participation.

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Data analysis and reporting

Do quick on-demand analyses of your study or trial data with real-time, online data.

  • Explore your data in real-time

    Harmonize complex data sets and distill them into the valuable research insights via custom dashboards and visualizations.

  • Immediate access to research data

    Export small or large datasets based on filters that your configure yourself or out-of-the-box reports.

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Supporting your participants

Sometimes participants need a helping hand. With Vibrent’s support tools, you can address the unique needs of all participants. Turn every encounter into an opportunity to build trust with your participants.

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Dashboards and insights

Real-time data-driven decision-making based on data analytics and insights to understand what works for your unique study.

  • Interactive real-time dashboards

    Understand what’s working and what isn’t. Click-through visualizations that let you act immediately.

  • Data analytics

    Custom analytics for your study or research project will give you the edge that you need in a data-driven world.

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Recruiting and retaining diversity and inclusion

When research doesn’t include everyone, advances will not benefit everyone. This is why diversity in research design, inclusion, enrollment, and engagement critical. We design our participant apps and our professional tool specifically for diversity and inclusion.

  • Building trust through collaborative design

    We design health research tools built on inquiry, empathy, and inclusion which create welcoming and valued experiences for diverse participants. Our design team has available imagery, illustrations, graphics, and talent to create custom visual branding and representation for your audience.

  • Designed with our Participant Advisory Board

    Our product leaders, designers, user researchers and engineers design our tools with participants – not for them.

  • Mixed-methods qualitative user research

    Our in-person research facilities are augmented with virtual technologies to conduct user research anywhere in the world. We accommodate in-depth interviews, focus groups, usability testing, product evaluations, creative workshops, qualitative moderation, detailed research output including digital audio and video recordings and text transcripts, and video and audio system.

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms

Automated workflows, intelligent diagnostics and advanced data science gives you the next generation tools you need to do more with less.

  • Automated workflows

    Save time and budget with professional recruitment, engagement and retention tools that help you target the right people at the right time with the right message.

  • Intelligent diagnostics

    Screening algorithms to perform contactless, remote, automated triage with zero labor cost.

  • Ethical AI

    User research and policy approaches to maintaining diversity inclusion and ethical equity in AI.

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Ethical return of value

The accelerated inclusion of digital technologies in health research had led to more robust collected datasets and more informed research participants. There is growing interest from participants in participating in the research process and gaining access to both their own data as well as value returned from the researchers. This must be done and must be done ethically.

  • Participant-centered user research

    Scientifically based mixed-methods qualitative user research to understand the attitudes, beliefs and expectations of research participants.

  • Based on NIH ethical guidelines

    Our bi-directional model is grounded by the ethical framework put forth by the NIH.

  • Tailored by the participant for their needs

    Convenient and flexible options - interactive informed consent modules and personalized preference tools – to control what is returned back to them.

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Participant-centric apps

Generate novel datasets with mobile and web apps, wearables, EHR integrations and connected medical devices. Return value, insights and health promotion back to your research participants.

  • Collaboratively designed with the NIH and participants

    Mobile and web apps designed hand in hand with the NIH and diverse participants over a 5 year period including intensive mixed-methods qualitative user research.

  • Generate novel datasets

    Real world data about all aspects of a person’s life with apps, EHRs, wearables and connected devices.

  • Cross the digital divide

    We address the digital divide through innovative mobile and web participant apps (5th grade reading level, 508 compliant, multi-lingual, ease-of-use, age-independent)

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Security and privacy

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality of your data is paramount to build trust with communities. We proactively prevent, detect and respond to keep your data safe, private and confidential.

  • Privacy preserving

  • Approved by many IRBs

  • Powering the NIH’s All of Us Research Program

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Need help increasing your impact?

Vibrent Health has helped numerous organizations to maximize their health research impact using digital health solutions. Please reach out to us to get a demo and learn more.

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