Vibrent Research Platform

Vibrent Health’s Research Platform provides actionable insights from advances in genomics, biomarkers, environmental science, electronic health records (EHRs), consumer technologies, lifestyle research, and social determinants of health to create a personalized health journey for end users. Our platform combines the power of data from these disparate sources to drive scientific discoveries that are combined with Vibrent’s platform to enable large-scale digital therapeutics deployments at scale and speed. Vibrent’s Research Platform is a platform for holistic health which enables sustained motivation through the integration of patient engagement, evidence-based guidelines, content, wearable devices, patient-reported outcomes, and remote coaching.

Design Philosophy

Rigorous Standards and Human-Centered Design

Protocols and Workflows

Vibrent’s Research Platform utilizes secure data-handling protocols, standards, and workflows for healthcare applications and participant studies that were developed within Vibrent Health. Security standards are adhered to throughout all aspects of Vibrent’s platform.

Human Factors UX/UI

Vibrent’s design philosophy places emphasis on human factors and usability engineering guidelines (FDA HE75 and IEC62366 Standards), as well as user experience and user interface best practices for sustained engagement.

Cross-Platform Mobile

Vibrent’s platform is designed for usability and reliability across iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms to make interactions seamless and simple for end users. At Vibrent, we deal with complexity so users engage with simplicity.

Bidirectional Communication

Our platform enables bidirectional communication with users in the form of alerts, coaching, feedback loops, interventions, notifications, reminders, and schedules. This approach is critical to capitalizing on teachable moments.

Data Security

Focus on Consent, Security, and Privacy

Informed Consent

Personal information is never gathered by Vibrent’s platform without informed consent. Interactive informed consent surveys with bidirectional communication ensure that platform users acknowledge and understand consent workflows.

Cyber Security

Our platform adheres to the highest standards of federal data security, privacy, and trust principles. The security of our platform is holistic and includes our apps, integrations, servers, and data from devices and external libraries.

HIPAA Compliance

Per HIPAA guidelines, Vibrent ensures the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronic protected health information (ePHI) collected, created, maintained, or transmitted by our platform and servers.

Privacy Management

Vibrent’s commitment to privacy is at the core of our business agreements, software, and quality standards. Our company and wares undergo annual independent third-party audits to test for data safety, privacy, and security.

Data Collection

Your Personal Data Layer in One Place

Assessments & Surveys

Assessments and surveys are central to the research studies, clinical trials, and health programs enabled by Vibrent’s Research Platform. Our team designs survey workflows with the goal of maximizing engagement and user-generated data.

Ancestry Data

Any family history and ancestry data available can be merged with personal data in Vibrent’s platform. Ensuring that machine learning algorithms have crucial information about at-risk individuals enables early detection and intervention.

Genomics Data

Our platform accepts genomics data that can dictate proactive monitoring measures for at-risk individuals and enables pharmacogenomics– precision medicine realized with drug doses tailored to a person’s genetic makeup.

Lab Data

Care providers and laboratories producing lab results can utilize Vibrent’s HIPAA-compliant platform to merge this data with electronic health records (EHRs), allowing access and sharing between individuals and providers.

Lifestyle Data

Significant gaps between visits to care providers mean lifestyle choices made between provider visits have profound impacts on health. Vibrent’s platform enables the real-world data collection to evaluate and influence lifestyle choices.

Environmental Data

Vibrent’s research platform is designed for public health initiatives that encourage healthy behaviors in the communities where people live, learn, work, and play, as well as the collection of environmental data for science-based solutions.

Sensor Integrations

Data Collection from Wearable or Implantable Wireless Sensors

Implantable Sensors

Vibrent’s Research Platform enables data collection and processing in implantable devices manufactured by industry leaders such as Medtronic and Roche. Our robust turnkey solution shortens time-to-market and reduces development cost.

Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors

Vibrent’s platform can obtain, aggregate, transmit, and process data from wireless connected devices, and is ideally positioned to make the expanding IoT a source for personal, lifestyle, and environmental data.

Passive Sensors

In the landscape of IoT sensors, passive sensors that respond to inputs from the physical environment can integrate with Vibrent’s platform to gather categories of data such as sleep patterns, environmental conditions, and lifestyle choices.

Wearable Sensors

Vibrent’s platform supports temporal data integration, visualization, and analytics driven by data from wearable sensors and wireless devices. Our platform integrates seamlessly with wearable sensors worn by end users.

Content Management & Integration

Management of Health Records and More

Electronic Health Records Integration

Vibrent’s Research Platform receives EHRs as coded clinical data sent from integrated systems and uploaded from consumers via accepted FHIR and HL7 standards and guidelines.

External Databases

Vibrent’s platform integrates with external databases and libraries such as medications, contraindication tables, device consumables, and at-risk attributes. External databases add value and functionality alongside personal data.

Data Management

Hosted by Amazon AWS GovCloud, FISMA- compliant, FDA 510K-cleared, and approved by the Department of Defense to host patient data, Vibrent’s platform collects and manages data per federal data privacy and trust principles.

Content Management

A proprietary content management system (CMS) manages all electronic medical and health records, personal data uploaded, temporal data from device integrations, adaptive intervention records, and other content we aggregate.

Machine Learning Liberated

Data-Driven Personalized Medicine Realized

Rules Engine

Vibrent’s platform enables rules-based adjustments to protocols, content, and interventions in real time, delivering personalized medicine and modernized care-management experiences.

Cognitive Insights

Vibrent has partnered with private industries, including IBM Watson, to leverage integrated cognitive computing technology for data-driven insights and actionable outcomes–liberating machine learning for personalized medicine.

Adaptive Algorithms

The research platform utilizes algorithms that continuously improve through a “measure-learn-iterate” process. This approach enables discovery, adaptability, and personalized alerts and interventions.

Predictive Analytics

Advanced analytics and machine learning technologies analyze databases and personal data collected by Vibrent’s Research Platform to predict unknown future events–reporting on individual and group-level measures and outcomes.

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