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A single platform delivers the tools you need to recruit and retain
participants and deploy sophisticated data collection, harmonization
and analytics to accelerate your research.

Accelerate your research with a single health technology platform

The Vibrent Health Solutions Platform helps you activate and engage your participants and communities anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our participant engagement solutions, used by dozens of research organizations including the NIH, help you imporve your grant and contact outcomes. Our solutions have been proven to work
-we’ve engaged 400,000+ participants (a majority of whom were from hard-to-reach populations) across research projects spanning all 50 states.

COVID-19 Research Funding
To Gain a Competitive Edge

Customize your own research project, study or clinical trial from a menu of options to yield the outcomes you need. Our ready-to-deploy COVID-19 research studies can be rapidly customized with your branding and messaging for federal, state and local funders, academic organizations, advocacy groups, and other non-profit organizations.

Our solutions help you stand out from other competitors seeking to win grants and funding for COVID-19 research.

Partnering with Vibrent Health will accelerate your research in the COVID era. Our solutions help you launch your next mission-critical research project faster by speeding up your data collection process for grant submissions, delivering analytics and insights to help you make more informed policy decisions, and providing you with tools that make your entire research lifecycle more efficient. Our digital health solutions leverage multiple data sources, privacy-preserving technologies, and industry-leading computational tools to manage population health and improve how individuals manage their health conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Fast time-to-market of 3 weeks for a pilot and 4-8 weeks for full scale deployment of up to tens of millions of participants.
  • COVID-19 surveys (demographic, medical, bio-behavioral, mental health)
  • Traditional validated survey instruments
  • Ecological momentary assessments
  • Engagement content
  • Wearables, connected medical devices
  • Passive sensing with mobile phones
  • EHR integration
  • Biosample collection for detection and serology testing
  • Biobank data integration
  • Contact tracing tools
  • Registry development
  • Community engagement (including Hispanic and African American communities)

Clinical research—participant-centered
technologies for the entire research life cycle

Our platform arms clinical researchers with digital health technologies for treatments, therapeutics and diagnostics.

Whether your interest is prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illness, we know that your focus remains on the individual. Meeting people where they are is the key to efficient recruitment, retention and engagement in clinical research. Vibrent Health seamlessly weaves participant-focused technologies into the entire life cycle of clinical research to accelerate your research and find, recruit, and engage participants effectively.

Public health research—collecting, harmonizing
and gleaning insights from data

Manage data better to inform public health and improve your grant applications.

Public health researchers are utilizing the Vibrent Health platform as a central, secure source of consistent data collection to reduce the time, effort, and costs to manage rapidly evolving and critical health threats, and effectively drive local, state and federal public health strategies.

With Vibrent Health as your technology partner, you’ll not only better inform your public health strategies through our data-driven approach, but you can also significantly accelerate your research and improve your grant success probabilities with superior data collection and analysis.

Clinical research organizations (CROs)—
a digital approach for more effective
participant recruitment

The “last mile” for recruiting and retaining research participants

Clinical Research Organizations can further reduce costs for their customers who are developing new medicines and drugs. We are the “last mile” for CROs to recruit and retain the right research participants for the right purpose. Our participant-facing technologies and professional enterprise research management toolkit are the keys to reaching the right audience with precision targeting.

Life sciences research—accelerate outcomes
and reduce costs

Precision medicine and health technologies accelerate your research outcomes.

Whether your focus is biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, environmental or biomedical devices, the Vibrent Health platform can expand your markets, accelerate your outcomes, and drive efficiencies in your cost model through precision medicine and precision health technologies.

Registry management, engagement and
expansion—registry growth through smart
engagement strategies

Grow your registry by attracting and retaining the right people with personalized messaging

Regardless of whether your registry is sponsored by a government agency, nonprofit organization, academic organization, health care facility, or private company, the Vibrent Health platform’s digital tools help you easily deploy leading-edge multi-channel communications tools and sophisticated segmentation methods to precisely target groups of people within your registry. You can also use the platform’s tools to inform additional research opportunities, including cohort studies, clinical trials and additional registries.

Address health disparities and

Inclusion of underserved populations in health research is critical.

Underserved populations are disproportionately affected by disease and often have more limited access to healthcare. Using the Vibrent Health platform, you can leverage our proven technologies and established track record in successfully recruiting hard-to-find populations. These include racial and ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities (our technologies are in 508 compliance), and other populations who are typically under-represented in research. By using the platform’s participant-centered communications tools and technologies, you’ll build trust and engage more effectively with participantsand local communities, and cultivate the authentic and long-lasting relationships that yield higher longitudinal retention and engagement that your research requires.