Screening, Testing and Tracing - Vibrent

AI-powered COVID-19 Screening, Testing and Tracing Tool Funded by the NIH

The screening app determines if a COVID-19 test is medically indicated. The app delivers an in-home test kit within hours and notifies contact tracers.

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Reconstructing the US Public Health Infrastructure with a Comprehensive, Integrated Data-Driven Solution

“Looks like I may be
at high risk because of multiple factors.”


Artificial intelligence screening algorithm on mobile and web apps determine risk level

“That was fast. The
test kit arrived. I’m
going to quarantine.”

At-Home Testing

Kits are automatically sent
if you score high

“Hi. You’re a close
contact of someone with COVID.”

Contact Tracing

Workflow automation
prioritizes groups in a queue for increased efficiency

Containing the
spread using

Data-Driven Decisions

Real time dashboards – local, state, and federal