Scientific Direction

A core team of executives, managers and advisors who know scientific process and rigor oversees our Vibrent Research Platform (VRP) and product execution. Vibrent Health balances innovation with robustness, scalability and evidence based science.

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Scientific Discovery

Vibrent’s Research Platform supports the delivery of health programs based on research and best practices for dissemination and implementation science. Our applications result in the alignment of technology and science around real-world use cases in which new knowledge and discoveries are generated as ongoing, natural byproducts.

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Scientific Advisory

Vibrent Health’s directors and advisors come from the nation’s top universities, labs and companies to support our many industry, research and consumer applications with a strong foundation in science.

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Behavior & Engagement

Vibrent is committed to human-centered design based on a deep understanding of the elements needed to engage users in sustained interactions using longitudinal data from the Vibrent Research Platform. Our platform enables researchers and clinicians to reach and engage participants with personalized programs for diverse age groups, literacy levels and populations. Our personalized, data-driven approach delivers the right message at the right time, which is key to changing behaviors.

Institutional Connections

Vibrent Health maintains institutional connections that accelerate our evidence-based discoveries. We partner with thought leaders and innovators at some of the top academic and research institutions in the country. A few of our institutional partners:

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  • Scripps Translational Science Institute Logo

Our Advisors