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Vibrent Health helps you understand and refine your user experiences and messaging
with holistic in-person and virtual remote user research services and facilities.


Polygonlab capabilities

Our leading-edge mixed-methods qualitative behavioral research lab provides high quality facilities, tools, expertise and resources. We help you to gain insights from participants’ perspectives so that you can incorporate end user feedback early into your project and thus accelerate your research. Our research lab gives you access to:

In-depth interviews

Go in-depth with one-on-one sessions with your target audience to uncover unmet needs and details about user personas.

Creative workshops

Use our Experience Lounge to host brainstorming sessions, creative workshops, and product roadmapping meetings.

Focus groups

Conduct dynamic group discussions with a diverse cohort to get a holistic view of your market.

Qualitative moderation

Take advantage of our in-house moderation staff or our preferred network of experienced moderators to streamline your research.

Usability testing

Gain immediate user insights to inform your research project early.

Screener development

We are happy to assist you in designing the optimal qualification criteria to make sure you access the right people for your project.

Product evaluations

Put your product, application or media in front of your users, customers, or prospects to get timely, actionable insights.

Research output

We provide detailed output of every session including digital audio recordings, video recordings and text transcripts.

State-of-the-art equipment and technology

PolygonLabs features two fully equipped individual and group testing laboratory spaces, each completely outfitted to support visual and auditory recording of subject activity. Each room is equipped with four fully controllable in-ceiling cameras, a moveable camera, and tools to monitor all devices used by participants. Researchers also have access to the Noldus Observer suite, enabling the full study of participant recording data. Lastly, researchers can use Tobii eye tracking for providing in depth opportunities for investigating information and visual designs (can be synched to the video).

Mixed-methods research

Vibrent leverages a wide variety of data sources and methods to support your research project, including in-person usability lab studies, remote user testing and website analytics data. Our approach gives you a comprehensive picture of where participants experience UX friction and identify mitigation strategies across the broad diversity of a cohort. This enables us to identify cohort-wide issues and individual participant needs.

Lab facility capabilities

Our two lab suites accommodate a wide variety of research services, including space to conduct in-depth interviews, focus groups, usability testing, product evaluations, creative workshops and qualitative moderation. The suites also allow for detailed research output, including digital audio and video recordings and text transcripts, video and audio system equipped by Noldus, live-stream session capability, dynamic screen capture, participant eye tracking, and more.

Our two Lab Suites include a viewing room, conference room, and lounge.

Suite 1: edge idi viewing room (capacity 12)

  • Features one-way mirror, 360-degree video, digital audio capture, live streaming, and dynamic screen capture
  • Edge Conference Room (capacity 12)
  • Edge Lounge

Suite 2: vertex viewing room (capacity 7)

  • One-way mirror, 360-degree video, digital audio capture, live streaming, dynamic screen capture
  • Vertex Conference Room (capacity 6)
  • Vertex Lounge

All of Us Research Program

Vibrent has conducted dozens of sessions (with hundreds of participants) for user research studies related to the NIH’s All of Us Research Program. We have made numerous iterative adaptations to the web and mobile user interfaces based on feedback from over thousands of people.