Products - Vibrent

Leading Mobile Health Precision Medicine Research Platform

Federally funded and built in
collaboration with the NIH.

All-in-One Digital Health Precision
Medicine Research Platform

One platform, one partner for your research needs. Co-developed with the NIH. Proven with over 700,000 participants and over 1,000 study staff.

Purpose-built for health and clinical research in collaboration with the NIH and researchers across the county. Research Cloud supports all of your outreach, recruitment, and engagement methods.

Screening, eConsent, data collection, and return of information in a single portal experience. Trusted by the NIH and research teams across the country to engage, educate, and gather data from more than 700,000 research participants.

Real-time Data Analytics, Collaboration, and Discovery for Health and Clinical Research Teams. Consolidate all data about your research - across clinical data, biological data, wearables, patient-generated data, EHR, and more - for exploration, sharing and discovery.