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A single platform helps research enterprises accelerate research by
creating, measuring, scaling, and iterating the entire research
experience to gain a competitive edge.

Give your research enterprise a competitive edge
by using a single health technology platform

Vibrent Health creates technologies that improve participant engagement across every facet of virtual and remote health research. Our platform helps research enterprises accelerate research—creating, measuring, scaling and continuously improving the research experience at speed to stay competitive and achieve research outcomes needed in the increasingly fast-paced research environment.

The vibrent solution offers you a single, proven platform that replaces multiple vendors, is more cost-effective, and has been used by hundreds of research organizations to accelerate their research.

  • Sophisticated, data-driven digital marketing and communications strategies designed to deliver the personalized, tailored messaging that helps you both find and retain participants, including from diverse and hard-to-reach populations.
  • Comprehensive and diverse data collection services to help you collect broad and diverse data set sources including genetics, environment, lifestyle, behavior, EHR, wearables, medical devices, passive sensing, smartphones, and web—as well as the ability to harmonize all of the data.
  • Iron-clad data privacy and security tools to keep participant data secure, private and properly managed. Our technology keeps sensitive data secure and private with the highest level of cybersecurity to support any large research study in the United States.
  • Sophisticated analytics and reporting tools to deliver actionable insights that accelerate your research.

Learn more about the Vibrent digital health platform capabilities below.

Diverse populations:
Inclusion and representation

Through our proven experience recruiting and retaining diverse populations, we ensure that you engage with people where they are, in their language of choice, and across their platform of choice, including SMS, email, CATI, 508, web, mobile, and postal mail. In just 5 years, Vibrent Health has:

  • Engaged with 400,000+ participants, 80% of whom come from under-represented populations, and 50% of whom are racially and ethnically diverse
  • Created, processed and analyzed 4.5 terabytes of participant data
  • Designed and conducted 2.6+ million surveys
  • Supported research projects across 30+ states

Vibrent digital health solutions:
platform capabilities

Data security and privacy:

Keep your participant and patient data secure and private

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality of your data is paramount to build trust with communities. We proactively prevent, detect and respond to keep your data safe, private and confidential. Our protocols include (but are not limited to):

  • NIST 800
  • IO 9001
  • FedRAMP
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC II
  • FIPS 140-2
We protect your data to the highest levels of standards and requirements through a best-in-class multi-layer cyber secure cloud infrastructure.
Participant digital recruitment and engagement tools:

Personalized outreach to any population, wherever they are, however they engage

Today’s consumers demand personalized digital communications tailored to their individual behaviors and preferences. Vibrent Health’s CRM and advanced precision recruitment engagement tools are optimized to do just that. Whether you are recruiting potential participants or engaging them in a current study, our tools help you track, manage, and engage individuals with personalized messaging and digital strategies.

  • increase lead generation through multi-channel outreach tools and custom websites
  • faster contact list import
  • automated outreach to engage more efficiently
  • easy-to-use A/B testing templates to quickly see what works
Designed by behavioral experts and digital strategists, our digital marketing tools ensure that technology does the work so that your participants don’t have to.

Robust electronic informed consent
For virtual studies and trials

Contact-less consent has become a must-have for
researchers. We power the most robust, complex eConsent
in US health research – the All of Us Research Program.

  • Multimedia videos, images, diagrams
  • English/Spanish videos and text
  • Branching logic
  • 508 compliance
  • Informedness tests
  • Digital signature
  • Data analytics
  • Genomics consent, EHR consent, refresher consents
  • Multi-tiered consent
  • Granular consent withdrawal
Our experts turn your paper-based consent into a digital workflow that truly informs your participants of the value and risks of participating in research.
Data collection:

Comprehensive data collection services (genes, environment, lifestyle, behavior, clinical)

Your research is only as good as the data that you collect. To understand the interconnected complexities of a human-as-a-system dynamic, as well as the complex human and environmental interactions that govern participant behavior, research requires robust datasets spanning long periods of time and across diverse domains. From genes, environment, lifestyle, and behavior to lab results, electronic health records and other macro-level and micro-level contextual data, these rich data sources can be challenging to integrate and understand.

Vibrent Health tools harmonizes all data, along with data from publicly available sources, and delivers researcher-friendly analysis and insights that help you accelerate your research by driving towards outcomes and publications more efficiently and quickly.

Harmonize complex data sets and distill them into the accurate insights you need to accelerate your research.
Customizable surveys & automated algorithms:

Easier longitudinal data collection

Our customized survey modules and automated algorithms are designed for low-burden, easy-to-complete survey experiences.

  • Custom branding and formatting
  • Easily author your own questions and skip logic
  • Validated pre-configured surveys
  • Tailored experiences for your participants
  • Mixed-methods user research
  • Survey results comparisons
We have configured and deployed tens of thousands of survey questions with complex branching logic for hundreds of thousands of research participants in both english and spanish.
Real-world data from the latest technology:

Quickly generate real-world data with wearables, medical devices, and passive sensing

Conducting research remotely is no longer a choice. With the rapid emergence of telehealth, work-from-home and other shifts to digital interactions, it is now essential for researchers to conduct research remotely and with the right sensors for data collection. With over a decade of experience with connecting mobile devices to Fitbits, wearables, medical devices and passively sensed data from the smartphone itself, Vibrent helps researchers quickly and precisely generate novel datasets for longitudinal cohort studies, clinical trials, digital therapeutics and pilot studies.

A proven leader with a 10+ year track record connecting and collecting data from wearables, smartphones, and medical devices
Remote biosample collection:

Conduct remote biosample collections with proven experts

As the demand for biospecimens continues to increase, biorepositories must develop strategies to use technology tools for collecting saliva and blood biosamples. This includes cohort segmentation, participant communication, kit delivery, sample tracking, participant support, return of results, data analytics and biobank data integration. Vibrent’s experience with genomics and saliva collection in the national All of Us Research Program ensures that we deliver the expertise you need to add digital health tools for participants and researchers to your biorepository.

A proven leader with deep experience in genomics and saliva collection via the national all of us research program.
Participant communication tools:

Leverage a single technology toolkit to manage the full lifecycle of your study, program or clinical trial

Setting up studies, programs and trials effectively requires a full suite of advanced communications tools, especially in today’s digital world. The Vibrent Program Management Toolkit provides all the self-service research operations you need to support the entire lifecycle of your project and ensure your study’s success.

Our toolkit delivers tailored approaches to engage, motivate and support each of your participants in real-time to ensure that you retain them—from communications and event management to website governance and machine learning. The program management toolkit includes:

  • Appointment scheduling (in-person or virtual)
  • Tailored communications campaigns for specific populations
  • Email, SMS, mobile app notifications, postal mail
  • CATI (computer-aided telephone interviewing) for eConsent, surveys or other study tasks included facilitated workflows
  • Scheduled one-on-one phone calls
  • Real-time data-driven decision-making based on your research participants’ behaviors, preferences, and information
  • Real time recruitment, retention, and engagement dashboards paired with analytics and reporting to manage study milestones
  • A/B message testing to help you quickly optimize to what works
Meet people where they are with a full suite of advanced communications tools.
  • 300k monthly emails delivered to research participants
  • Used by 120+ partners
  • 65k monthly sms sent to participants
  • 300k virtual and in-person appointments scheduled via the pmt
  • 500k monthly push notifications sent to participants
Participant retention:

Retain the lifeblood of your research—participants—and maximize your roi on recruitment

It’s not enough to simply enroll participants—you need to retain them over time. By engaging with participants effectively and nudging them step-by-step through the study milestones, our tools ensure that participants are less likely to drop off over time, thus accelerating your research. There’s no magic bullet to retain participants. But our behavioral experts and digital strategists have designed proven tools to create the personalized experiences and tailored messaging to effectively segment and target participants to ensure higher retention.

While there’s no magic bullet to retain participants, well-designed, personalized experiences are proven to retain and motivate study participants.
Analytics and insights:

Get real-time insights with user-friendly dashboards, robust reporting, and comprehensive analytics

Data collection is meaningless without insights and analytics that you can actually use. Get insights and make data-driven decisions with analytics that you can easily understand and use. From real-time dashboards that feature interactive click-through data visualizations to viewing participant progress via study tasks and aggregated and individual data, our analytics team creates intuitive and user-friendly analytics to meet your reporting requirements.

  • Real-time online reports
  • Save custom report views
  • Easily and securely share reports
  • Fast export to Excel
Custom analytics for your study or research project will give you the edge that you need in a data-driven world.