NIH awards Fairfax company $39m contract - Vibrent
In the News | September 09, 2020

NIH awards Fairfax company $39m contract

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded Fairfax-based health technology company Vibrent Health $39 million to develop the technology backbone for the NIH’s All of Us research program, which will gather health information of about 1 million Americans to be used for research studies.

Under the contract, Vibrent Health will continue as the Participant Technology Systems Center (PTSC) for the program, using the company’s digital health solutions platform and participant management toolkit. The platform will serve as a portal for participants and support more than 100 program partners.

The All of Us program will seek information from a diverse population (based on age, race and ethnicity, health status, educational attainment, income and digital literacy) regarding health, habits and what it’s like where the participant lives with a goal to allow researchers to learn more about what affects people’s health. Participants answer health surveys, donate DNA samples and share their electronic health records with the NIH for the program [].

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