NIH gives nod to Vibrent Health for precision medicine work

August 16, 2017

By Mike Miliard

The SaaS platform will power the All of Us Research Program at the center of the Precision Medicine Initiative.

Vibrent Health’s cloud-based precision medicine platform has gained authority to operate from the National Institutes of Health, a certification that it meets federal privacy and security standards and paving the way for the company’s work on the landmark research cohort that will fuel the Precision Medicine Initiative

“This ATO certification marks a significant milestone for Vibrent in its journey to power the next generation of personalized medicine,” said the company’s CEO Praduman Jain, in a statement.

Vibrent’s Research platform combines genomic information with data from electronic health records, medical devices, wearables and more.

It will be the technology around which the All of Us Research Program will be based as the precision medicine project works to enroll more than one million participants in its cohort to understand how genomics, lifestyle, behavioral, and environmental factors impact an individual’s health.

In addition to NIH, Vibrent’s technology is at use at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, the U.S. Veterans Administration, UnitedHealth Group and Medtronic.

For the ATO certification, the company worked with Coalfire, a third-party assessment organization, to develop security plans, policies, procedures, scanning, SSP, and pen testing, per FISMA risk management framework, to ensure the integrity of its platform, officials said. Coalfire confirmed that Vibrent Health has the necessary operational and technical controls in place to provide a secure environment for federal systems, bureaus, departments, and their supporting entities.

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