Technology advocate Congressman Gerry Connolly talks about digital health and innovation with Vibrent Health

PJ with Representative Gerry Connolly

Congressman aims to work with allies to continue building Northern Virginia
as Silicon Valley of the East

Fairfax health technology company Vibrent Health hosted Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA, 11th District) at the company’s new offices for a town hall style meeting today, to talk about digital health initiatives, health care access, immigration issues and other topics of interest to Vibrent’s 140 employees.

“Congressman Connolly understands the importance of integrating health data from various sources to promote the best outcomes for individuals and for public health,” said Vibrent Health Founder and CEO Praduman “PJ” Jain. “We are eager to work with our leaders in government to continue developing digital health technology that advances health research and empowers people to live healthier lives.”

Connolly congratulated Vibrent Health on their accomplishments in digital health innovations, and he offered examples of how companies like Vibrent in Northern Virginia are leading the nation in many areas of technology.
“We rival the Silicon Valley both in jobs and in companies, and in some areas, like cybersecurity, we are probably going to outpace them,” said Connolly.

Vibrent Health serves as the Participant Technology Systems Center for the NIH All of Us Research Program and has designed the health technology platform for the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) to collect health data from at least 1 million volunteers living in the US who will share their health information to advance health research and health care through this historic unprecedented initiative.

“Bioinformatics and data can transform everything, from how we deliver medicine, how we stay healthy, how we extend longevity and extend quality of life, and technological advancements are critical to that,” said Connolly.