Here’s Why the Future is Bright for Health in the U.S.

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The National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program will enlist 1 million volunteers in the U.S. to better understand, manage and treat health conditions. Participants who opt-in will share health history, biological samples, and details of their genetics and lifestyle. The contribution of data and biological samples will be used in a national database for research.

At its core, the program requires two main elements: people and technology. At Vibrent Health, we stand at the intersection of these two components. As an innovator in digital health technology, it is our mission to develop technology applications and solutions that address the human element through programs and interfaces that consider not just the human body but the person as a whole.

The technical component is equally complex: Each line of software code and every design treatment must not just accomplish its function and work flawlessly but be intuitive and easy to use as well.

Individuals from all walks of life and varying levels of technical experience will use our platform. To create such an agile and high-quality solution that is secure and convenient for 1 million participants to use and share their personal health information, we developed a team of diverse experts from a variety of competencies, all assembled and unified for one purpose.

But underlying our work is something more than our expertise. We are more than engineers, developers, designers, medical practitioners, health researchers, communicators, creatives and those who support, manage and organize all of the work at Vibrent Health. We are humans, and we are intrinsically part of this initiative to better the health of all people.

As the All of Us Research Program approaches its national launch on May 6, we’re excited and proud. Our platform, which will be used by 1 million-plus participants, is the technical foundation of the largest health research program in history. We are gratified and honored to be an essential part of the All of Us Research Program’s success.

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