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Content by Vibrent’s CEO,
Praduman “PJ” Jain

Technology considerations to promote inclusion, equity and diversity in clinical research

Underrepresented groups traditionally were thought to have limited access to technology. But internet access is on the rise and researchers can take steps to increase

April 28, 2022


Why Diversity In Health Research Is Good Science And Good Business

Recruiting and retaining participants for clinical research — let alone those that represent diverse populations — has historically been a major challenge that negatively impacts

February 28, 2022

MedCity News

How tech can combat Covid-19 in marginalized communities

The Covid-19 pandemic brought to light the glaring disparities that exist in marginalized populations when it comes to the ability to achieve appropriate health care

December 08, 2021


Public Health Should Use Data-Driven Tools To Combat Pandemics

American Revolutionary War lore about the midnight ride of Paul Revere may not have gotten everything exactly right. Revere may have warned fellow patriots about the advance

November 15, 2021


How AI will drive the precision health research revolution through 2030

There has been quite a bit of hype over the last several years about how artificial intelligence (AI) would transform health care. Translating the predictive

September 10, 2021


15 tools and resources top tech leaders use every day

Shouldering heavy responsibility in a fast-moving industry, tech leaders often leverage different tools to manage their day-to-day professional and personal lives. These can include services,

May 28, 2021


15 must-have features of a successful, user-friendly mobile app

The online marketplace never closes. These days, if your business is to succeed at engaging and keeping customers, it’s essential that the public be able

May 14, 2021


How digital technology can increase diversity, equity and inclusion in medical research

Lack of diversity has been a longstanding shortcoming in health research. That lack has not only failed underrepresented groups in the past but also threatens

May 12, 2021


Tech leaders share 12 helpful habits of top-performing developers

Tech leaders take note of and value the work that all their developers do. However, it’s easy for experienced leaders to spot those devs who

May 05, 2021


Praduman “PJ” Jain, joins Biotalk to discuss entrepreneurism, funding, and health technology

Praduman “PJ” Jain, CEO and Founder of Vibrent Health, Joins BioTalk’s Rich Bendis to discuss entrepreneurism, funding, and health technology in the Bio Beltway.

November 09, 2020

Revolutionizing contact tracing with data-driven technologies

The war on COVID-19 is in full force. While doctors and nurses are on the front lines, technology and data are behind the scenes proving to be invaluable weapons in this fight. As pharmaceutical companies strive to develop an approved vaccine, contact

November 02, 2020

National Institutes of Health awards Vibrent health second PTSC award

As the founder and CEO of Vibrent Health, I am proud to lead a technology company on the forefront of powering the future of precision medicine.

September 02, 2020