Diversify Your Research Participants - 5 A - Vibrent

Learn Real Strategies Used
in Research Programs to
Increase Diversity

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    Researchers strive to gather comprehensive and the most accurate data that represents the rich diversity of our country. Until recently, the researcher community has struggled to achieve diversity in health and clinical research.

    In this webinar, we’ll reveal examples from the National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program. Plus, we explore:

    Planning study

    We explore ways researchers can prepare the tools and materials to promote and launch a research study to recruit diverse participants.

    Recruiting and engaging
    diverse participants

    We outline some actions you can take today to recruit and engage people of color, women, and other groups that have been underrepresented in research to date. 

    Addressing the
    digital divide

    We explore ways to use technology for inclusion of participants who don’t have a smartphone or the internet. 

    Presented by:

    Letheshia Husbands, MPH
    Project Manager

    Aisha Montgomery, MD, MPH
    Senior Research Manager

    Rachele Peterson, MS, MBA
    Senior Director, Clinical Research