Health Research

Vibrent’s mission has health research at its core. We enable health research at individual personalized healthcare, group, community, population, and global scales. Our Vibrent Research Platform is available to researchers worldwide who are seeking turnkey, hosted solutions to disseminate custom health programs, carry out cohort studies, and research health disparities in populations. Our platform is available as a customizable and hosted solution enabling researchers to use their time and resources to conduct studies and develop new health programs. The resulting health programs have the potential to enhance health literacy and improve the care received by consumers throughout the health continuum.

Cohort Studies

Vibrent’s Research Platform supports the rapid build, deployment, and scale up of clinical trials and participant studies. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company wanting to fast track testing of a new drug, a researcher conducting a study at the group, community, or population level, or an advocacy group wanting to engage members in a focused participant study, Vibrent has the platform, core expertise, and consulting services division to move your participant study forward.

Health Disparities

Vibrent’s Research Platform has the broad feature set needed to research health disparities in and between minority groups, communities, and populations. Our platform transcends cultural and language barriers to allow research and health program dissemination for understanding and health disparities. Vibrent excels at uniting large participant groups and researchers in conversation around inequity in healthcare and health disparity issues. Our platform enables both research studies and applied insights in the form of new health programs targeting health disparities and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.

Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

Customers utilize Vibrent’s Research Platform to partner with community-based researchers and engage research participants in their day-to-day lives. These branded programs we create disseminate content and messaging with situational relevance to participants – presenting the most relevant content to a participant at the perfect time. With Vibrent, community-based researchers can provide better care management, reduced complications, enhanced health literacy, and more engaged communities.

Similar to the needs of Health Advocacy Organizations (HAOs), Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) requires that community members, organizational representatives, and researchers unite to carry out research studies and the dissemination of relevant health programs. Vibrent’s platform enables all partners to contribute expertise and share decision making and ownership on research initiatives.