Health Programs

Advocacy organizations, researchers, and providers utilize Vibrent’s Research Platform to create customized, branded health programs that study health contexts and disseminate advocacy, behavioral, and clinical programs on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. Our HIPAA-compliant, secure system enables health programs to reach individuals, patients, communities, and populations with one system for diverse age groups and literacy levels. We enable health programs with cost-efficient dissemination, rapid time to launch, and scalability.

Diabetes Management

Vibrent has partnered with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), to deliver health programs and continuous improvements to diabetes disease management impacting millions of Americans. From surveys and assessments for monitoring diabetes cases and health literacy, to sophisticated blood glucose notifications, alerts, interventions, and logging capabilities, Vibrent’s platform is tailor made to reduce diabetic complications, maximize collaboration between providers and patients, and improve the lives of diabetics.

Diabetes Prevention

Vibrent’s platform is not only suited for diabetes management but also early detection and prevention of diabetes. Research studies have proven that Type II adult-onset diabetes can be prevented, managed, and even reversed with the right health living choices, diet, and exercise regimen. Our SaaS Research Platform serves as a behavior change platform for the reaching, engaging, and influencing those at risk for diabetes.

CHF Management

Vibrent’s platform facilitates communication and collaboration between patients and providers when it matters most. In managing Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients, collaboration between specialist providers including cardiologists and nephrologists is critical. Vibrent’s platform can ensure that weight-based diuretics programs, weight logs, and medication doses are balanced to maintain the right body composition to optimize both heart and kidney function.

COPD Management

Vibrent is bringing providers and patients together to realize quality of life improvements for COPD patients, which affects more than 3 million new individuals each year. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), typically occurring as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, can be brought on by smoking. Prevention is key since COPD causes irreversible damage to the lungs. Vibrent’s platform is ideal for health programs and health literacy initiatives to educate the public about the dangers of smoking, as well as new care programs to deliver and manage care for COPD sufferers.

Cancer Survivorship

Vibrent’s platform assists in the creation and launch of clinical trials for new cancer treatments, as a flexible system for monitoring all specified clinical trial data. Following clinical trials, our platform can serve as a data collection and knowledge center for additional longitudinal data collected after clinical trials conclude. Making this data from engaged participants available to researchers on an ongoing basis is essential to understanding treatment efficacies and outcomes.

Pain Management

Vibrent’s platform combines in-clinic and out-of-clinic patient data for revolutionary pain management programs. Vibrent’s platform is able to combine data such as cancer treatment and survivorship data collected in the clinic with patient-generated data, lifestyle, and other data collected in between visits in a natural environment. Researchers consider measurements in the day-to-day environment, or “in the moment” to be essential to their studies. Vibrent’s pain management program accomplishes pain symptom reporting, wireless sensor data integrations, medication adherence tracking, and bidirectional communication for medication dosage adjustments.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Vibrent’s platform enables providers to share and track adherence to post-surgery recovery programs. Our platform delivers event logging capabilities, care instructions, and surveys and assessments to verify patient engagement. Bidirectional communication ensures that providers remain involved to make adjustments when needed, with the goal of reducing post-surgery complications and readmissions.

Speech Rehab

Vibrent’s platform supports Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Rehab programs and improves adherence to evidence-based regimens between provider visits. Together with investigators at Johns Hopkins, Vibrent’s SLP Program is being utilized to enhance the recovery of patients undergoing treatment for head and neck cancer. Our platform delivers programs and exercises designed to accelerate speech rehabilitation.


Vibrent’s platform includes the features and data collection methods to deliver meditation and mindfulness exercises, track engagement, and measure contributions to overall health over time and before, during, and after activities. Fast becoming a cornerstone of approaches to coping with stress and stress-related illness, mindfulness activities are at the core of new practices and programs for holistic healing and integrative medicine.

More Examples

Vibrent’s platform is applicable to myriad focus areas and health issues in need of programs for public, community, population, and global health. As part of the Precision Medicine Initiative, we are actively seeking partners to define and roll out new health programs.

If you have an audience and a defined need, our capabilities include the production of branded content, member engagement strategies, bidirectional communication, data analytics, machine learning for continuous measure-learn-iterate program enhancement, and more.