Health Continuum

Vibrent Health’s Research Platform has applications through the health continuum, from adaptive interventions, monitoring, and early detection, to care, disease, and medication management.

Adaptive Interventions

Vibrent’s platform creates, disseminates, and evaluates evidence-based interventions programs. Our diverse data-collection methods and behavioral interventions support on another. Data collected through the app and wireless sensors feed a context-aware system of rules. Our rules engine then triggers situational, relevant adaptive interventions that prompt, probe, encourage, motivate, inform, educate, and engage the patient. Enhanced user engagement results in data that informs adjustments to existing interventions, and enables the creation of new interventions that can be enabled updates by end users.

At-Risk Monitoring

Vibrent’s platform aggregates the data necessary for at-risk monitoring. Given the inputs and rules for the unique circumstances and risk conditions of individuals, our system produces notifications, alerts, and interventions based on predefined and adaptive rules. Utilizing all available data and machine learning algorithms, Vibrent’s platform can monitor the progress of known conditions or watch for any specified at-risk conditions that may develop.

Early Detection

Vibrent’s platform extends at-risk monitoring to include the early detection of health conditions that are not yet present but may develop due to aging, occupational risks, or other anticipated health changes, as well as illness or disease resulting from unexpected health changes that are themselves measurable. Watching for known conditions, as well as evaluating the circumstances that lead to health conditions, our platform is able to continuously evolve. This approach liberates the full power of machine learning for analysis of the complex conditions that lead to illness and disease.

Care Management

Vibrent’s platform is used by providers, patient advocates, and researchers to provide quality care and promote engagement and health literacy in patients and research participants. Developed over years of user-centered design and fine tuned to be cross-platform mobile portable, Vibrent enables quick triage, deep investigation, adherence monitoring, care-plan management, patient messaging, and administrative capabilities, including EHR integration and content management to maintain patient records in one place for sharing and collaboration.

Disease Management

Vibrent’s platform can be customized to deliver health programs and measure and track the unique metrics involved in the management of diseases. Data entered by patients, sensed by wireless devices, uploaded by providers, and merged from other sources can be utilized to optimize treatment care for illness and disease, and pairs with our rules engine to trigger notifications, alerts, and interventions when health changes are detected or metrics tracked are recorded outside of acceptable ranges.

Medication Management

Vibrent’s platform can receive, consolidate, and organize complex medication schedules and dosages, reminding end users when to take a particular medication and providing bidirectional communications. Our platform is ideal for logging medications, recording ongoing symptoms and their progression, and reporting any side effects, as well as alerting both patient and provider to any known contraindications imported from external database libraries. This is a much improved, interactive, modernized system for medication management, facilitating positive behavior changes, healthy habits, and ongoing communication between patients and multiple providers.