Our Mission

Disrupting Health Industry

We are modernizing a $200 billion personal health research and management industry.  We bring new technology to a space lacking innovation for decades.  In a few years, we have made a far-reaching impact, and we continue to race ahead at light speed.

The future of developing new cures is headed towards personalized treatment.  Today, we are on the cusp of medical and scientific breakthroughs never before possible – ushered in by multi-omics, phenotyping, bioinformatics, and computational capacity. Like never before, the convergence of multiple fields of science and technology are coming together to develop new treatments.  We’re seeing rapid translational pathways from scientific research to consumer deployments at a scale and speed never before possible.

Vibrent Health is powering this next generation of precision medicine where wearables sensors, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics pave the way for actionable insights that reimagine health in new ways.

Vibrent partners with the health ecosystem to accelerate discoveries based on real-world evidence and scientific rigor. Committed to collaboration and shared findings, we enable device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to bring products to market, and empower advocacy groups, care providers, payers, researchers, businesses, and consumers to connect and innovate.

Vibrent has pioneered an adaptive platform for personalized engagement with the Vibrent Research Platform (VRP) that combines the power of data through disparate sources such as genomics, environmental exposures, family history, electronic health records, biomarkers, and lifestyle management to derive insights and scientific discoveries.

The VRP is delivered through Software as a Service (SaaS) model to enable large-scale digital therapeutics deployments with speed and efficiency.

Our Values

  • Customer First
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Scientific Rigor
  • Ideas Over Hierarchy
  • Never Give Up
  • Be Bold
Our technology

Our Technology

Vibrent Health provides SaaS solutions and consulting services that produce actionable insights through secure collection, analysis, and collaboration around the personal data layer of vitals, events, activities, and behaviors of individuals and populations. Vibrent’s Research Platform unites advocacy groups, care providers, researchers, businesses, and consumers around the data needed to make discoveries and advance healthcare.

For device manufacturers, Vibrent’s technology integrations and proven data collection platform offer speed to market, HIPAA compliance, and other security needs in a turnkey solution. For healthcare providers and researchers, Vibrent offers a unified platform for data collection, participant studies, care management, and delivery of new health programs. For pharma and drug discovery, Vibrent offers a robust, compliant platform for conducting clinical trials and taking pharma into “beyond-the-pill” applications.

As a winner of funding from the Precision Medicine Initiative, Vibrent understands how the many streams of health data pertaining to individuals and populations are rich with actionable insights. This data can be sensed, aggregated, and analyzed to yield findings with applications ranging from new treatment protocols and adaptive interventions to early detection and disease management.

Through data analytics, Vibrent elucidates insights and accelerates discoveries around the complex relationships of cause and effect in human health and the life sciences. With Vibrent SaaS applications, consumers can lead healthier and longer lives, better manage conditions and diseases, and benefit from the far-reaching applications of personalized healthcare and precision medicine.

Our Facilities

Vibrent Health is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. All executive, software development, engineering services, usability studies, and IT functions are conducted at this facility per regularly audited quality and safety standards.

Vibrent is certified and compliant to several quality standards, including FISMA, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, ISO14971, FDA HE75, ISO 9001, SSAE 16, and OWASP. We are committed to producing robust solutions that meet the highest requirements for data privacy and security.

Our Executive Team

Vibrent is led by a seasoned team of executives, managers, and advisers with deep expertise in technology, privacy, security, science, and research.