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About Us

Vibrent’s mission

Vibrent Health’s mission is to accelerate health research to optimize human health through precision technology and digital tools that empower participant engagement, research analytics, and research management for researchers, research organizations and research participants.

Our values

Vibrent leverages a wide variety of data sources and methods to support your research project, including in-person usability lab studies, remote user testing and website analytics data. Our approach gives you a comprehensive picture of where participants experience UX friction and identify mitigation strategies across the broad diversity of a cohort. This enables us to identify cohort-wide issues and individual participant needs.

Customer first

Our clients are our priority. Their work is important, and we are there to support them wherever and whenever they need us.

Ideas over hierarchy

Some of the best ideas come from unexpected sources, so we look and listen everywhere. An open mind means endless possibilities for success.

Do the right thing

Ethics in research is paramount, and that extends to all aspects of research development. Our work and conduct adhere to the highest standards of responsible research.

Never give up

Success is not always instant. But perseverance and tenacity always win.

Scientific rigor

Our clients rely on evidence to propel their research, and that same standard drives our work. We are not satisfied until our solutions are proven.

Be bold

We are relentless in seeking better solutions. We endeavor to think and go where others have not. We are proud to be audacious.

Leadership team

Vibrent is led by a seasoned team of executives, managers, and advisers with deep expertise
in technology, privacy, security, science, research, and product development.

Praduman Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Praduman Jain, known to colleagues as “PJ,” is CEO and Founder of Vibrent Health and the Principal Investigator of the Participant Technology Systems Center of the National Institutes of Health Precision Medicine Initiative, the All of Us Research Program, for which the PTSC received a $75 million grant in 2017 and an additional award in 2020 with initial first-year funding of $39 million to build a national platform for health research and health management insights for 1 million people across the U.S. for at least 10 years.  Jain is also the Chair of the Security Board of the Committee on Access, Privacy & Security for the NIH All of Us Research Program; a member of the Roundtable on Genomics and Precision Health at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; an invited external expert for eMERGE & Beyond, The Future of Electronic Medical Records and Genomics program of the Division of Genomic Medicine, National Human Genome Research Institute; and an external advisory board member for iTHRIVE – a Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Award.

Prior to founding Vibrent, Jain held various senior leadership roles at Sprint, Nextel, AOL, Time Warner and VTech and launched emerging products and services with revenues of more than $2 billion. He earned a Master of Science in electrical engineering, and he holds several patents and has authored several research publications.

Dave Klein

Chief Product Officer

Dave focuses on products that sit at the intersection of technology, science and health. He leads a diverse set of functions including product management, data analytics, user experience design, user research, science communications and digital health programs. He is also a Principal Investigator of the National Institutes of Health’s Precision Medicine Initiative/All of Us Research Program, focusing on product innovation and product management.

Prior to coming to Vibrent Health, Dave led the development of products that improve the lives of individuals and families at large companies such as Virgin Mobile, Nextel, Sprint, Time Warner Cable and innovative technology startups. He has a track record of being a thought leader and product innovator including bringing the first ever mobile video chat to market through a major US carrier (Sprint HTC Evo smartphone) and leading the first global consumer voice-over-IP product.

Dave passionately believes in the power of technology to help people take control of their own health.

Neeta Jain

Chief Technology Officer

Since joining the company in 2012, Neeta has spearheaded research and development efforts and helped Vibrent achieve critical certifications like FISMA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and SSAE 16. In addition, she has contributed to the company’s rapid domestic and international expansion, helping to grow Vibrent’s workforce by five times its original size in her first five years as CTO.  She is also a Principal Investigator of the National Institutes of Health’s Precision Medicine Initiative/All of Us Research Program.

Jain’s work was foundational in the creation of the Vibrent Research Platform, Vibrent’s premiere Software as a Service platform used by researchers, medical device companies, body sensor companies, payers and government customers for diagnostics, wellness, home care, disease management, mobile surveys, self-management, medication adherence and surveillance for all of Vibrent’s customizable health programs. Using the VRP, mobile platforms and intelligent applications, Vibrent helps transform perceived obstacles into achievable goals to drive innovation in health care.

The VRP, which enables longitudinal data collection, engagement and insights, was selected by the National Institutes of Health as the participant-facing technology platform for the Precision Medicine Initiative/All of Us Research Program. The program, unprecedented in scope, aims to engage one million people across the U.S. over 10 or more years to accelerate discoveries and advance precision medicine. Vibrent is helping translate participants’ behavioral, lifestyle, environmental and genomics data into actionable insights for individuals and populations.

Prior to joining Vibrent, Neeta architected large and mission-critical systems at the Internal Revenue Service and Honeywell, applying her expertise in, Java and Web development. Her passion for precision medicine combined with her desire to make a difference in public health led her to Vibrent.

Neeta is a member of Mindshare, an organization of C-suite executives from high tech emerging growth companies supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. An advocate for STEM education, Neeta helped launch a nonprofit called FIDA to help underprivileged children attend college in India and is passionate about advancing women in the technology field.

Jason Cao

Chief Architect

Jason graduated from university of Maryland with a master degree in computer science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. With many publications and patents under his name, Jason is well-versed in many of the latest IT technologies and considers himself a life-long student of technology more than anything else. Before joining Vibrent Health, for more than 15 years, he has designed, architected and implemented various software applications and systems ranging from state-of-art bio defense system for fortune 100 company to gaming application for startups with less than 10 employees.

After joining Vibrent Health as the chief architect, Jason architected and designed the latest Vibrent’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Learning Health System which powers numerous fully customized health programs that study health contexts and disseminate advocacy, behavior, and clinical programs including the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)

Mark Begale

Vice President

Mark identifies and nurtures new opportunities and collaborations with companies and organizations to form relationships between these entities and Vibrent Health for mutual benefit, in support Vibrent’s strategic vision and business outcomes.

He has held leadership positions product partnerships and technology as director of products and chief technology officer for Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies.  He is also a Principal Investigator of the National Institutes of Health’s Precision Medicine Initiative/All of Us Research Program.

He holds a degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Mark has a strong in strong interest in precision medicine and is dedicated to his work at Vibrent because of his desire to help others.

Josh Schilling

Director of Health Solutions

Josh has more than 15 years of expertise in medical devices system design, product design, anddevelopment of both hardware and software solutions in the health industry. As a scientist and engineer,Josh is passionate about using sensors of all types from physiological personal health technology toenvironmental and passive sensing as a means to infer and improve the quality of life for everyonethrough solutions that anyone can afford.

Through ongoing engineering efforts, he has directly contributed to continued improvement of Bluetoothtechnology while working with health device manufactures and standards bodies, to improve thetechnology’s usefulness within the medical community.

Early in his career, he developed Pulse Oximeter hardware/firmware to measure oxygenated blood foundon oxygen bound to hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells. Some of his achievements includeauthorship of papers accepted into the IEEE, poster presentations at ATA, and several pending patents.Josh has contributed to technological and scientific advancements at organizations including ContinuaHealth Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, USB I/F, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) andvarious societies within IEEE, Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM), and American TelemedicineAssociation (ATA).

Josh works with Vibrent’s medical partners to give back to the medical community by helping them adoptadvancements and knowledge learned from Vibrent into their solutions while conforming to guidance setby international standards for medical devices (IEC 60601) and medical device software (IEC 62304).

Scott Sutherland

Vice President, Data Science

Scott Sutherland is a software engineer and data scientist, with two decades of experience in health research informatics. He has managed data science, software development, data management, and scientific survey projects in biotech, clinical care, and for biomedical research institutions, including the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He has worked on several large-cohort studies, including the National Institutes of Health’s Precision Medicine Initiative/All of Us Research Program, where he is a Principal Investigator, and the Women’s Health Initiative.

Scott received his bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in 1995, by combining graduate and undergraduate courses in Computer Science and other disciplines for a one-of-a-kind degree in Interactive Media (web application development). He went on to become a faculty member in the Masters of Science program at the Purdue University School of Engineering, and Indiana University School of Informatics, helping found a new program and teaching a variety of courses related to development of internet-based applications.

At the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, Scott built and managed departments that served hundreds of cancer, rare disease, HIV, and public health studies. His domain has included many software engineering teams, a survey research call center, a data center, an analytics team, and a creative services team to help scientific projects accomplish their communications goals. Sutherland directed design and development of numerous scientific portals and patent-facing, web-based disease registries for cancer, heart disease, and rare disease studies. In addition, he has also been a PI for individual disease registries and served on IRB committees at two different institutions. While at the Broad Institute, Scott started and managed Operations Analytics for the All of Us Research Program.

At Vibrent Health, Scott serves as Vice President for Data Science. He serves as the Principal Investigator for Analytics in the PTSC for the All of Us Research Program. He has built and managed Vibrent’s analytics team and directed strategy for the Analytics platform, reporting and services.

Medhavi Bhatia

Vice President, Engineering

Medhavi has an extensive background in product inception and development for various engineering organizations including hCentive, 3CLogic and GENBAND. In his role at Vibrent Health, Medhavi manages local and remote engineering and product development teams to create and drive Vibrent’s product roadmaps through a fast, agile and reliable delivery process.

Ardent about creating, sustaining and managing innovation, Medhavi holds several patents and has authored internet standards that led to the creation of several new products in the telecommunications industry. He was also the architect behind the creation of several distributed cloud-based technologies now used in the contact center industry and collaborated with the University of Maryland on a research grant applied to 3CLogic products. Additionally, he was part of the team that created, managed and worked with several health care exchanges including the Massachusetts Health Connector and

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India’s top institution for engineering and computer science; a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania; and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Medhavi is passionate about his contribution towards improvements in collection and management of health information and data and ultimately, in research and precision health.

Dean Heistad

Vice President, Technology Operations

Dean is an experienced technology leader, with 25 years of experience in various industries, from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, to the Bio Beltway, bringing innovation, disruption and leadership to the organization. At Vibrent, Dean is responsible for technology operations, which includes cloud architectures and operations defining technical requirements for scalable, secure, high quality and efficient systems used within the company and by external users. With a focus on automation, Dean applies complex technical concepts and the latest tools and technologies to guide operational teams across project phases throughout development, testing and implementation stages.

Dean’s career spans from the days of Apple II computers on desktops to building and managing large scale server farms, out-sourcing to cloud providers and ultimately constructing serverless-based systems that are highly available, high quality, secure, cost-effective and customer-centric. He has a diverse background working with large companies such as Time Warner, AARP and IBM, and successful startup companies like Infoseek and Livedeal.

Dean is a graduate of Clemson University with a computer science degree and a minor in business. In his personal life, Dean is an avid pilot and animal rescue advocate. He brings his passion for the two by volunteering his time with Angelflight and Pilots N Paws, where he flies patients in need of medical services to their locations and rescues dogs from shelters, transporting them to safe, new locations.

Kent Lockhart

Senior Director, Consumer Products

Kent has over 30 years of experience working in the federal, finance and health care industries to define business and IT strategies, products, architectures and transformation roadmaps. He has served the health care industry since 2009 and during this time, focused on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and led product delivery initiatives for the public and private health care marketplaces.

In his role at Vibrent Health, Kent oversees teams responsible for consumer engagement, survey tools for gathering participant provided information (PPI), digital health technology (DHT) and data exchange products. While remaining focused on scalability, Kent leads product delivery teams to improve our products’ flexibility, stabilize platform features, refine data management strategies and improve operational efficiency.

Kent holds a master’s degree in computer science from George Washington University and degrees in economics and computer science from Virginia Tech. He is passionate about the growing role technology plays in precision medicine.

Rachele Peterson

Director of Healthcare Provider Organization Engagement

Rachele has more than 15 years of experience in clinical research and research administration, bringing to Vibrent firsthand knowledge and understanding of the needs of investigators and research teams. Most recently, she was the Executive Director and Principal Investigator of the All of Us Research Program at the University of Arizona and Banner Health where she led award management, milestone adherence, relationship stewardship, communications, research compliance and fiscal management. Rachele successfully harmonized 130 research staff across 14 enrollment sites in two states to ensure program goals and milestones were achieved using standardized operations, enrolling over 38,500 participants from diverse communities.

Rachele is the primary leader engaging with Healthcare Provider Organizations in the All of Us Research Program, guiding cross-functional and strategic efforts to position and manage the Participant Technology Systems Center needs around policy development, customer support and engagement, and quality improvement. She identifies opportunities for Vibrent platform offerings and builds industry-academic relationships.

As a lifelong learner focused on continuous improvement and innovation, Rachele holds a Master of Science in clinical research management from Arizona State University and is presently completing an Executive MBA at her alma mater. She has a Bachelor of Arts in public policy analysis from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She maintains two professional, national certifications as a Certified Research Administrator and Certified Clinical Research Professional.

Sameer Siddiqui

Senior Director, Product Management

Sameer is a seasoned leader in product development and management with extensive hands-on expertise in building consumer-facing products for B2C and B2B markets. He has a strong background in taking digital products to market and to large user audiences in various verticals.

At Vibrent, Sameer leads product teams and institutes processes to align product and engineering departments, using Agile methodology to produce stable product features on multiple web and native mobile platforms. Sameer manages the complete lifecycle of Vibrent’s products, including story-boarding product features, creating roadmaps, sprint planning, backlog grooming, utilizing SCRUM-related product assets and conducting market analysis to produce scalable, web-based and mobile products.

Sameer has led product management for various businesses including healthcare, e-commerce, customer service, collaboration, messaging, matchmaking and marketplaces. Previously, Sameer served as Senior Director of Product Management at Contact Solution, acquired by Verint, where he sold to customers including GEICO, Boston Globe & Seattle Times; as Senior Director of Products and Social Commerce at Gannett, where he built Gannett’s daily deal e-commerce product, expanding from three cities to a nationwide deployment; and he served as Co-Founder and Vice President of Product for Naseeb Network, where he gained thousands of recurring enterprise clients for his product lines.

Sameer holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Alabama and a Master of Business Administration from George Mason University.

Laurie Smith, SPHR

Director, People & Culture

Laurie is responsible for the strategic development of Vibrent Health’s people and culture. She creates innovative ways to engage employees while forging the path to build and promote a strong company culture. She believes culture represents both a company’s mission and values and those of the employees as well. Laurie is gratified to bolster a workplace where employees’ careers stimulate and challenge them; and where employees work to reach their full potential and genuinely enjoy coming to the workplace, which Laurie believes are testaments of a healthy and strong culture.

Laurie has more than 20 years of experience developing employee relations infrastructure with a focus on consistent processes, procedures and policies. Prior to joining Vibrent Health, she served as the Director of Human Resources at the National Association for Home Care & Hospice in Washington, DC.

Shortly after joining Vibrent, Laurie automated HR systems and processes for onboarding, goal setting and reviews, and she continues to seek new and innovative ways to grow and develop the company’s talent. It’s Laurie’s mission to maintain the company’s standing as a recognized technology employer of choice in Northern Virginia.

Laurie holds a Master of Science in Business from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Baltimore. She also serves on the board of directors for the Dulles Society of Human Resource Management and is certified by the Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR).

Chris Warfield

Director, Program Management and Operations

Chris has 20 years of experience in a wide range of system development life cycle tasks including project management, financial management, member management, quality assurance and customer support. He has helped lead companies including CGI Federal, Booz Allen Hamilton, Meridian Knowledge Solutions and CACI in achieving the development and delivery of systems to support customer needs.

At Vibrent, Chris leverage’s his background and expertise in people and customer management to organize and oversee the daily operations of the company and provide projects with actionable solutions. As Vibrent’s director of Program Management and Operations, Chris oversees one of Vibrent’s largest programs, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Program, for which he manages the delivery metrics of the Vibrent Research Platform (VRP) and all interactions and requests from NIH. He also monitors the progress and development towards reaching clients’ goals and client satisfaction and oversees multiple project managers and teams.

In addition to his Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Business Administration from George Mason University, Chris is a Certified ScrumMaster® and holds several certifications in technology and business administration.

In his free time, Chris enjoys sports and fitness activities as well as spending time with his wife Ashley and his two sons, Asher and Christian. Chris is passionate about the impact that digital health technologies will have on the future of medicine and hopes he can be a small piece of how this could change the future of health moving forward.

K. Pearson Brown

Director, Communications

Pearson directs Vibrent’s internal and external communications programs, including media relations, digital content creation and distribution, events production, and company messaging and branding activities.

Pearson has more than 20 years of experience in technology and health care communications and marketing for technology companies, medical organizations, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and health and wellness companies. She has directed communications programs for YouTube, Sony, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Tenet Health Systems, Ibotta, Pharmavite/NatureMade, American Heart Association, Vitamin Shoppe, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and American Physical Therapy Association.

Previously Pearson served as Vice President of HealthWell PR, Vice President of PMBC Group, Vice President of WorldBed Studios, Director of Technology and Digital Lifestyle for Allison & Partners/Los Angeles, and Director of Health Care for CarryOn Communication.

Pearson holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications Arts from James Madison University and is a graduate of the American University Film & Video Institute. She enjoys blogging about technology and lifestyle topics and working with the media to get the word out about inspiring and life-changing technology and health stories.


Careers at Vibrent

When you come to work at Vibrent, you will be surrounded by a diverse group of people who share a passion for making their mark and innovating precision medicine health research. You will be working alongside forward-thinking experts in software engineering, test automation, product management, informatics, data analytics, health program management, user research, UI/UX design, marketing communications and business development.

At Vibrent, we take pride in our culture. We know the people you work with are just as important as the work you do.Finding time to socialize, relish our successes and reward our hard work is something we take seriously. From our game room and regular ping-pong tournaments in the Vibrent Café, to our monthly birthday celebrations, social events and happy hours, our staff enjoys getting together.

We are Vibrent

Together, we work hard and are committed to our mission, but know when to kick back and have fun.




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