Get maximum impact
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Faster recruitment, longer term engagement retention, more diversity inclusion and broader data collection about a person’s biology, phenotype and environment.

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A comprehensive solution for
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Achieve better health for all through novel discoveries, cures and therapeutics.
Partner with a team of experts seasoned through years of collaborating with the National Institutes of Health on projects of national significance.

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Vibrent provides a robust, privacy preserving Digital Health Solutions Platform (DHS Platform) for clinical research that is proven at scale nationwide by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Mission critical infrastructure for broad data collection including genomics, environment, lifestyle, behaviors, wearables and electronic health records.

It offers a data-first approach across the entire research lifecycle of outreach, awareness, recruitment, engagement and retention.

  • A single platform that replaces your multiple vendors

  • Approved by many IRBs

  • Fast deployment

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Gain acceleration in a highly competitive research world

Whether you are competing for grants or chasing new revenue; the keys to your success are generating novel datasets and recruiting, engaging and retaining diverse populations.

Make your budget go further. Workflow automation and digital marketing reduces labor costs. Robust virtual data collection methods helps you collect higher quality datasets for less budget. Cloud-based research tools drive efficiencies throughout the entire life cycle of your clinical research.

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By your side every step of the way

Our team of subject matter experts will help you through every stage of the process. Need help with IRB submission, electronic consent design, EHR setup, remote sampling kits, selecting the right wearable and medical device technologies or recruitment/retention/engagement strategies? We’re there for you.

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Need help increasing your impact?

Vibrent Health has helped numerous organizations to maximize their health research impact using digital health solutions. Please reach out to us to get a demo and learn more.

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