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Health research requires more virtual
and remote digital health strategies than ever

COVID-19 has altered the world of healthcare and health research by rapidly shifting patients, researchers and participants into a digital environment for all facets of the healthcare landscape, from managing and treating health conditions to reaching and engaging patients and research participants. For health researchers spanning the spectrum of corporate to public sectors, launching and managing research projects in a heavily digital, COVID-19 ecosystem poses three key challenges:

the right people

Recruit and engage hard-to-reach populations at-a-distance

Collect better,
more diverse data

Gather higher quality data from digital sources, ranging from mobile phones to wearables

actionable insights

Make use of the complex social, behavioral and biological data you collect

For many researchers, this means spending lots of time finding and managing a complex network of multiple technology vendors to do it all. That’s a big challenge. But for researchers who use a single, established digital health delivery platform that can tackle all of these challenges, it presents opportunity.

Simplify the entire lifecycle of research
with one data-driven platform:
vibrent digital health solutions

The Vibrent Digital Health Solutions Platform is the only cyber-secure platform designed specifically to provide a data-first approach across the entire research lifecycle of outreach, awareness, recruitment, engagement and retention.

Our proven digital health research platform has a 5-year track record of being broadly used among large and diverse populations (including hard-to-reach and underserved), in multiple languages nationwide. We’ve served as the Technology Center of the country’s flagship longitudinal precision medicine initiative, NIH All of Us Research Program.

How the Vibrent Digital Health Solutions Platform
is accelerating health research

The Vibrent Digital Health Solutions Platform
is transforming how research organizations operate by enabling them to:

Keep sensitive data safe and secure.

Use our cloud-based, cyber-secure hosted environment to safeguard privacy and data across the entire research lifecycle with a platform certified to the highest level of data privacy and security standards (including FedRAMP and SOC II).

Accelerate research and outcomes
with a proven digital platform.

Boost the efficiency of your projects and accelerate your research and outcomes with the only digital-native health delivery platform in the industry specifically designed around digital workflows and built by both research and cyber security technologists.

Create a more efficient, secure, and
cost-effective research system.

Holistically manage the full lifecycle of research projects for both participants AND research staff—all meeting industry requirements for data cyber security.

Reach and recruit more participants
faster with digital engagement tools.

Accelerate research and outcomes by reaching, recruiting and engaging geographically distributed health research participants (in multiple languages and for hard-to-reach or underserved populations) remotely through a technology and digital marketing platform designed and tested at scale with diverse populations.

Engage participants with
digital-native tools developed by
behavioral experts.

Our behavioral experts design tailored behavioral alert messaging at large scale to better engage participants via multi-channel communications (email, SMS, postal mail, phone, and push notifications and screen sharing).

Collect richer data and get deeper
analysis by gathering more data from
diverse data sources.

Good research relies on data from multiple data sources. We help you increase data collection to develop larger and more diverse data sets from multiple data sources to yield a rich source of social, behavioral, and biological data using the latest technologies (from wearables to mobile apps). Our sophisticated analytics tools deliver the insights you need to understand the complex data sets generated by these data sources.

Collect and harmonize data with a
tool that easily integrates into your
existing technology stack.

Collect broad datasets, harmonize the data and make the data and insights available to researchers and participants using our robust set of data collection tools and pre-built external integrations that make our platform an easy fit for your existing technology stack.

Enhance your grant-writing
capacity with research experts.

Tap into our in-house research grant experts to develop research strategies and produce effective grant applications for new grants (including R01, U54, U24, SBIR, PCORI, FCC and DoD).

Meet the research
challenges COVID-19 has created.

Harness the power of in-house technologists, researchers, and developers—all on a single platform. From designing wearables and developing predictive analytics to creating digital engagement and marketing campaigns for participants, the Vibrent Digital Health platform ensures that you can accelerate your research projects with faster recruitment, more efficient protocols, and the latest in behavioral technology to achieve your research outcomes in a digital-first world.

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